Pro1 Electric is the leading industrial electrician in St. Marys, WV. Our industry-leading standards provide the service you need for reliable, efficient operations.

Why Choose Pro1 Electric as your industrial electrical contractor in St. Marys, WV

At Pro1 Electric, our business is built on the solid pillars of integrity, reliability and top safety standards. Our experienced technicians are licensed and FirstEnergy Approved, so you can rest assured we get the job done right, the first time. For more than a decade, facility managers throughout St. Marys, WV have trusted Pro1 Electric to deliver smooth electrical services that improve their bottom line.

Pro1 Electric’s complete industrial electrical services in St. Marys, WV include:

  • Service calls: We know you count on reliable electrical services to keep your operations running smoothly. That’s why we provide fast, efficient service for your repairs.
  • LED lighting upgrades: We partner with you to improve the quality of your lighting while reducing your electrical expenses with energy-efficient LED upgrades.
  • Generator backup systems: Pro1 Electric can save your business from costly down time with quality backup systems that are there when you need them most.
  • Grounding and lightning protection: Our customized systems properly protect your facility and workforce from natural disasters.
  • Electrical service upgrades: As your business grows and changes, so do your electrical needs. We’ll ensure your system is up-to-date to match your current demands.
  • Data Cabling: Enjoy crisp, clear communication with our high-performance cabling solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology.

For additional solutions, please view our commercial electrical services.

Locally owned and operated near St. Marys, WV

Pro1 Electric is proud of our 10+ year history of industrial electrical services in St. Marys, WV. This charming town, rich in railroad history, is one of our favorite places to work. We are honored to bring efficient, reliable industrial electrical services to the nearly 2,000 residents of St. Marys, WV. Our team looks forward to continued partnerships here for decades to come.

To discuss industrial electrical services for your St. Marys, WV business, schedule a free consultation with Pro1 Electric by calling 304-482-8487 or filling out our web form.