Boost Your Business: Lighting Tips for Commercial Electrical Services in West Virginia

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Did you know the right lighting in your office can boost your bottom line? It’s true! You can save money on energy costs and increase worker productivity. The right enhancements to your electrical service in West Virginia can make a huge impact. Here’s how:

Use indirect lighting to increase productivity

Building designers often place lights directly over workspaces. This seems to make sense. You want the workspace to be well-light, right? But, direct lighting actually causes eye strain and lower productivity. Indirect lighting is a better solution.

Space lighting evenly to create better workers

As you consider where to place light fixtures and outlets, try to keep areas evenly lit. Space fixtures for uniform coverage throughout the workspace. You want to avoid extremely bright areas or dark, shadowy spaces. Keep the work environment evenly lit for the best productivity.

Switch to LED and save

As lighting technology continues to advance, business owners have more options to save energy. LED fixtures use only a fraction of the wattage other types of bulbs require. Switching your lighting to this energy-efficient model could save your business a bundle. It may seem like a big investment up front, but can pay off in the long run.

Reduce wattage to reduce costs

How many light fixtures are in your building? Imagine if you reduced each fixture output by just a few watts. Multiply that out, and it adds up quickly. Try re-lamping your building to reduce the energy you use each day.

Use sensors to reduce waste

Bathrooms. Conference rooms. Storage areas. Break rooms. Do you have spaces that require lighting but are not in constant use? Use lighting control systems such as occupancy sensors to save energy. This ensures the lighting is only on when the space is being used.

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