Bathroom Lighting: Tips from your Electrical Contractor in West Virginia

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Many homeowners settle for less-than-the-best when it comes to bathroom lighting. Their efforts are reserved for other living areas of the home, leaving this room neglected. The result is a space that is poorly lit and full of shadows or harshly lit and full of unattractive light. By applying a few ideas from your electrical contractor in West Virginia, you can transform your bathroom into a beautifully-lit oasis.

Tip #1: Create the Right Combination

To achieve the best lighting for your bathroom, you need a good combination of task, ambient and accent lighting.

Task: This lighting provides the illumination you need for hair and face time. Avoid the common mistake of placing a recessed fixture directly over the mirror. For more even-lighting across the face, use vertical fixtures or sconces on each side of the mirror. If this is not an option, use an over-the-mirror fixture that is at least two feet long so that it distributes light evenly. Be sure to place it between 75 and 80 inches above the floor and use at least 150 total watts for proper illumination.

Ambient: Many modern bathrooms do not include windows, so this serves as your natural light. Ambient lighting is “fill” lighting. A central fixture such as a surface-mounted ceiling light typically provides ambient lighting for a bathroom. However, you can get more creative and use a chandelier, or rope lights around the perimeter.

Accent: Bathrooms with recessed fixtures or art niches benefit from accent lighting. These spaces can be lit with small recessed spotlights to highlight artwork or decorative tilework. They add a layer of lighting that makes your bathroom not only functional, but inviting.

Tip #2: Use Dimmers

Adding dimmers to your bathroom lighting creates convenience, ambiance and savings. Dimmers allow you to slowly adjust to bright lights first thing in the morning, and help you wind down in the evening. They can also create softer, inviting tones for powder rooms or set the mood for a relaxing time in a soaker tub. Dimming lights also saves on electricity and bulbs. Dimming a bulb just 10 percent makes it last twice as long.

Tip #3: Contact the Pros

To discover the best lighting and electrical services for your bathroom, contact your trusted electrical contractor in West Virginia. Schedule a free consultation with Pro1 Electric by calling 304-482-8487 or filling out our web form.